CDAP Grant: Unlock Your $15,000 Government Grant

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Unlock A $15,000 CDAP Grant For Your Business.

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Is your business ready for the economic challenges coming in 2024?

As fellow business owners, we recognize the anxiety economic instability can invoke. Hence, we’re here to help you utilize the benefits of the Canada Digital Adoption Program. This move will not only future-proof your enterprise but also enhance competitiveness and optimize profitability. Additionally, we’ll facilitate access to a $100k 0% interest cash and a $15k CDAP grant.

That’s why they team at TGL have successfully helped over 500 businesses like yours through the CDAP application process and provided tailored and neutral assessments.

Do you qualify for Funding?

Small businesses across Canada are eligible for the CDAP grant. The program aims to support businesses in various sectors and industries, including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, services, and more.

Elevate Your Hotel Business with CDAP: A Blueprint for Streamlined Operations and Unforgettable Guest Experiences

To qualify you must be Incorporated at the national or provincial level; or be a Canadian resident sole proprietor.

The business must have at least $500,000 and not more than $100 million in gross revenue in one (1) of the past three (3) tax years.

The business must also be a privately-owned for-profit entity with a maximum of 499 full time equivalent employees..

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CDAP Frequently asked questions

CDAP FAQs: Unlocking the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) Grant – Your Top CDAP Questions Answered

In an increasingly digital economy, the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), also known as the “Boost your business technology grant”, offers a lifeline to small businesses. This game-changing initiative provides up to $15,000 in grant funding to enhance digital capabilities and drive growth. Once the CDAP is complete, you may also be eligible for an interest free loan of between $25,000 to $100,000 for 6 years from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to implement the technologies that can propel your business forward.

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