The bottom line about… well, the bottom line.

You’re a small to mid-sized business and you have limited time and even less money to risk. 

Employees to manage, clients to satisfy, and day-to-day operational concerns that would leave most music festival coordinators in terror.

And after all this, TGL Consulting is reaching out and expecting you to put all that aside for us to do a technology assessment with you?

Yes, we absolutely do.


  • The assessment is a grant and is free*
  • The process is quick.  Generally, we will have your assessment completed and ready for submission within 10 days.
  • We have the experience to know where to focus to get you the best results.

There are many low-cost solutions and best practices that manage schedules, engage and triage client concerns/orders, and operational software that can turn your calendar into a list of priority to-do’s rather than only addressing the situation that’s currently on fire.

Did you know there are over 7 different verticals in appointment scheduling software alone?  Are you aware that there are over 20 staff scheduling tools and at least that many operational software products?

At TGL Consulting, we do.  This is our focus and just like your focus, we’re great at it.

We take the time to listen to your challenges and provide an unbiased view of your options.

We aren’t affiliated with any vendors so; the choice will always be in your control, and you are not obligated to move ahead even if you get interest-free funding.

If you would like to get started

*Requires a small deposit

Click here to book a meeting and learn more

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