Celebrating 500 Digital Assessments for the Canada Digital Adoption Program

Join us in celebrating the milestone of 500 Digital Assessments under the Canada Digital Adoption Program. Discover how we’re empowering Canadian businesses with digital advisors and shaping the future of digital adoption. Learn more about our impact and future plans.


The digital age has brought countless opportunities to businesses worldwide, yet many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Canada struggle to fully leverage these digital tools. Recognizing this gap, the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) was initiated to empower small businesses through digital transformation. Today, we’re thrilled to celebrate an exciting milestone: the completion of 500 digital assessments by our dedicated digital advisors at TGL Consulting.

Key Stakeholders and Contributors

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the active participation of two key stakeholders: our expert digital advisors and the small business owners committed to embracing digital change.

Our digital advisors at TGL Consulting have tirelessly worked to assess, guide, and empower small businesses through their digital transformation journey. They’ve provided practical strategies, bespoke solutions, and ongoing support to ensure these businesses not only survive but thrive in the digital landscape.

On the other side of this transformation are the small business owners who displayed exceptional courage and foresight by signing up for the CDAP. Their willingness to adapt and innovate has been the driving force behind the success of this program.

Key Benefits and Impact

  • Increased Digital Literacy: Business owners are now more equipped with knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world.
  • Enhanced Business Operations: Through the adoption of digital tools, businesses have streamlined their operations, achieving better efficiency and productivity.
  • Boosted Local Economy: Digital transformation has helped businesses keep pace with the market, stimulating local economic growth.
  • Job Creation: As businesses digitalize, new roles and job opportunities have surfaced, enriching the local job market.
  • Strengthened Resilience: With digital strategies in place, businesses are more resilient in the face of digital disruption and market volatility.

Success Stories and Case Studies

Among the 500 assessments, here are two of the many success stories that stand out, showcasing the immense potential of digital transformation:

  • Catering Service: A local catering service transformed their business model by fully implementing cloud adoption to standardize email and communication whilst also implementing digital solutions to enhance customer estimating and management. This move not only expanded their customer base but also led to a significant increase in sales.
  • Heavy Duty Vehicle Business: A construction vehicle business adopted a digital customer relationship management and asset tracking system with mobile timesheets, which optimized their business operations, enabled more focused marketing campaigns, and improved invoice reconciliation.

Future Plans and Goals

While celebrating this milestone, we remain steadfast in our mission to empower more businesses through digital adoption. Our next goal is to reach the 1,000 assessment milestone. Additionally, we’re planning on-demand webinars and events to further engage with small businesses and continue our advocacy for digital transformation.


Reflecting on this achievement, we feel immense pride and gratitude for the collective effort of our digital advisors and participating business owners. We’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of digital adoption, and we’re more committed than ever to our mission. As we forge ahead, we envision a future where every small business in Canada harnesses the power of digital tools to thrive and grow. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of digital transformation. Together, let’s shape a vibrant digital future for Canadian small businesses.

Recommendations for Businesses:

To seize the growth opportunities offered by the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are encouraged to apply and take advantage of the program’s benefits. By participating in the program, SMEs can gain digital skills, receive technology adoption support, and access small business funding to enhance their business operations. Don’t miss out on this chance to boost your business’s growth and competitiveness in the digital landscape. Apply to CDAP today!

Request a Consultation:

If your business has had gross revenue of at least $500k in the last three years and employs at least one individual, you could be eligible for up to $100k in a 6-year interest-free loan through the CDAP. Moreover, your business may qualify for a $7300 wage subsidy to hire a student or recent graduate for cybersecurity initiatives.
Don’t just transform—transform securely with CDAP.
Always consult with a registered CDAP advisor for tailored advice.

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a shining light for practice owners looking to solidify their digital footprint. By providing financial aid, expert guidance, and insights from seasoned digital consultants, CDAP is setting the stage for a digital renaissance among Canadian enterprises.

Begin your transformative journey by connecting with TGL Consulting and one of our CDAP Advisors. Embark on the CDAP grant application process today. Harness the power of the digital age and prosper with CDAP’s backing. Your digital evolution is just a step away!

For more insights into leveraging CDAP for digital transformation in medical practices, consult our comprehensive “CDAP Progam Guide“. 

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