CPAs and Accountants: Empower Your Clients and Propel Your “Trusted Advisor” status with the Canada Digital Adoption Program

Are you an accountant or CPA looking to add value to your clients and propel your own business? Join us as a referral partner for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). Help your clients embrace digital transformation, catalyze their growth, and enhance your professional reputation. Connect today for a digital revolution.


At TGL Consulting, we understand the pivotal role that Accountants and CPAs play as trusted advisors for small businesses. As gatekeepers of financial wisdom, you hold the power to not only guide businesses in their financial journey but also help them unlock the potential of digital technology. We invite you to expand your role and join us as a referral partner for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).

What is the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)?

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a transformative initiative aimed at empowering small businesses to embrace the digital age. As a CDAP-referral partner linked to our team of CDAP registered digital advisors, you would be instrumental in bridging the digital divide for small businesses, thereby catalyzing their growth and enhancing their operational efficiency.

Your expertise and guidance can help businesses leverage the CDAP to supercharge their digital capabilities. As a referral partner, you will have the opportunity to boost your reputation, forge meaningful partnerships, and make a significant impact on the business landscape in Canada.

With our team of MBA-qualified consultants and proven track record with complex multinational projects, we strive to make the transition to digital seamless and successful. Connect with us today and set your business and your clients on the path to digital success. Become a part of the CDAP referral network and let’s revolutionize the way small businesses operate, together.

Supercharge your credibility by partnering with Canada’s premier CDAP Advisory

  • Expedited Service: Rest assured, our CDAP Digital Advisors guarantee prompt responses and swift action, ensuring that your clients’ digital transformation is always on the fast track.
  • Deliver Exceptional Value: Enable your clients to shatter their limitations and achieve new heights of success with our support. Provide them with the tools to exceed their own expectations and excel in the digital landscape.
  • Unbiased and Efficient: Our structured and professional approach to creating custom digital technology needs assessments sets the bar high. We offer unbiased, in-depth evaluations that can significantly impact your clients’ digital transformation journey.
  • Proven Track Record: With more than 500 Digital Needs Assessments delivered under the CDAP Application process, we provide customized, technology-neutral assessments tailored to each client. Join us and leverage our proven track record to benefit your clients.

Want to Know More about CDAP?

Amplify Your Professional Reputation

Bolster your standing as a trusted advisor by steering your clients towards digital transformation, thereby demonstrating your adaptability and forward-thinking approach in this digitally dominated era.

Eligibility Criteria for SME’s:

To qualify, businesses have to have had gross revenue of at least $500k in the last three years and employ at least one individual. They could also be eligible for up to $100k in a 6-year interest-free loan through the CDAP. Moreover, the business may qualify for a $7300 wage subsidy to hire a student or recent graduate for cybersecurity initiatives.

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a shining light for business owners looking to solidify their digital footprint. By providing financial aid, expert guidance, and insights from seasoned digital consultants, CDAP is setting the stage for a digital renaissance among Canadian enterprises.

Reap Mutual Benefits: As a CDAP referral partner, not only are you enhancing your clients’ business potential, but you are also boosting your own business reputation and growth trajectory.


Why do our CDAP Referral Partners choose us? Because we’re efficient, professional, and dedicated to digital growth. Come and join us!

Let’s explore ways to raise your status as a Trusted Advisor!

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