The Two Lumberjacks

What does technology have to do with cutting down trees?  Quite a lot actually.

The story goes that 2 lumberjacks “Ted” and “Bill” toiled endlessly in the forest.  Day in day out, rain or shine.  Away they chopped.  As people will do when faced with a thankless task Ted and Bill would compete to see which of the two could chop the most. 

Each morning they would start with a stretch, and a coffee, and then the swinging would begin.  About noon they’d stop for lunch and Ted would head back to his cabin and return at about 2 PM well rested.  Bill would take 30 minutes and then get back the work.  However, each day their piles of wood would be equal. While at first, this was a small irritation to Bill, in time it became too much to ignore. 

At the end of yet another long day of chopping Bill approached Ted and exclaimed “What the heck are you doing for 2 hours every day; how is it possible that you are gone for so long and yet we always chop the same amount with you less exhausted to boot!”. 

Ted looked Bill straight in the eyes and remarked “Well Bill, first I have my lunch, then I take an hour-long nap and then I sharpen my axe…”

Maybe it’s time you sharpened your “technology axe”.  As the saying goes “work smarter not harder”.

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Credit to Simon Sinek (The Story of the Lumberjacks)

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