The CDAP Secret

One of my biggest challenges in sharing information about the Canada Digital Adoption Program or CDAP; is the part that isn’t related to business. The often (overwhelmed) business owner and the reality they have created in their own heads.  They (the other business) must work harder, be smarter or know some secret we don’t.

  • They are immune to the business challenges I face.
  • They do a better job than us.
  • They are more intelligent than us.
  • They have some secret that we don’t.

The above narratives are simply false.

Excuses we make.

  • I don’t have the time.
    • Once eligibility is confirmed, it usually takes less than 4-6 hours of your time.
  • I’m doing just fine.
    • What data do you have to prove that is the case and what actions are you taking to ensure that your success continues?
  • I don’t see the value.
    • Beyond just the access to your digital advisor, you’ll also receive your personalized assessment document that is your guide to shoring up your weak spots or acting for the future.
  • I don’t have the money.
    • Other than a small deposit the grant covers most of the cost*.
    • If eligible the loan (up to $100,000) is interest-free for 6 years.
  1. Everyone at some point had to learn something new to improve.
  2. Any technology knowledge your competitor has you can also access. 

The secret is…. There is no secret, just the ability to learn and act.  Technology is often the key to simplified and lower-cost growth.

At TGL we take the time to listen to your challenges and provide an unbiased view of your options.

We aren’t affiliated with any vendors so; the choice will always be in your control.

If you would like to get started, reach out to

*Requires a small deposit

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