4-Part Series on How Technology Can Help Your Business — Week 4 ”HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN BUSINESS”

Technology can play an extensive role in ensuring that you are a successful business in various ways. This week, let’s take a few moments to understand this a bit more.

We’ve all experienced a variation of a poor sales or service experience and mumbled “Customer service is dead in Canada”. We muddle through in order to get on with our day but, will we return, will we recommend? Not likely, and it will be very hard for that business to get us back “in the door”.

The good news is, it’s easier than ever to be successful. Here’s the recipe to be in the top 5-10%.

1. Acknowledge the phone/email/text message!
Using automated email/call management systems, online chat, and auto-replies.

2. Show up on time at the correct location.
Package tracking software, GPS routing, online meeting scheduling (and confirmation).

3. Start the job or provide the service at the agreed-upon time and date.
Project management systems can manage many aspects of jobs and keep timelines on track.

4. Finish the job/deliver the service on time as promised.
Use the integration of your systems to take advantage of business intelligence reporting to avoid mishaps.

5. Get paid.
Automated online signoff, be it at delivery or as milestones are reached can transform invoicing from 30 days to 30 seconds.

6. Follow up and ask for the referral.
Simple automated email surveys can easily support your referrals by reminding customers what a great experience they had and reminding them to use you again.

Sales is in fact seamless service delivery and technology can support you in every step to becoming the leader in your chosen field.

Turn your clients into your advocates.

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