Light Bulbs

Recently I decided to rent out some space, and as part of that exercise, I knew I would need to replace some lightbulbs and touch up some paint.  “Simple enough,” I said to myself.  Three weeks later I am still finding things that need replacement and touch-up. 

  • old lightbulbs (like really old)
  • slow leak toilet
  • broken seals on a few windows
  • furnace timer that was clearly programmed in -40 temperatures.

Frustrating; yes!  Even more so as I’ve been paying the maintenance cost on the empty space since February.

Apply my scenario to your business.

  • CRM leaking leads?
  • Does your infrastructure need a bit of caulking?
  • Software programmed and integrated correctly?

What are you potentially spending a month in technology costs that deliver no benefit?

Maybe it’s time to change a few lightbulbs and shed some light on that old “Windows 95” desktop server.

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